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Euromillions at €170 million
Posted by Stefan Inglework on 13 November 2012 10:33 AM
You have a few short hours to get your favourite numbers in tonights Euromillions lottery draw, you can buy your tickets at our new site:
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Euromillions rolled over: €150 Million!
Posted by Stefan Inglework on 07 November 2012 04:04 PM

Euromillions rolls over to €150 Million!

Friday the November the 9th will have a Euromillions jackpot of €150 Million Euros! That's enough cash to feed 3.75 million children in Africa for 1 year. Play now and be rich enough to feed the children of Africa:


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Huge jackpots for Tuesday 6th November
Posted by Stefan Inglework on 05 November 2012 02:59 PM

On Tuesday the 6th November and on Wednesday the 7th November we have two massive jackpots at €130 Million EUR jackpot (Euromillions) and $143 Million USD (Powerball).

You can play these games online and at our new site:

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We are moving
Posted by Stefan Inglework on 14 August 2012 02:29 PM

Dear customers,

After 10 years of trading on our old domain name, the time has come to move onto a new software system. Due to the direction in which the has been moving we have decided to partner with them as this will entitle us to new and exciting changes that are currently in progress.

In order for us to make a smooth transition we have moved our customers to a secondary domain name: which gives us time to wind down all operations on the .com domain. Once complete we will move the .com domain onto the new system.

Important information:

1. All customer accounts have been moved to the new system (your user name and passwords will work as per usual).

2. Customers who had pre-existing accounts on the new system, would not have been moved.

3. As the is a seperate business, we are unable to transfer historical orders, account information or balances.

4. To move balances please get in touch and we will make the transfer for you, we will be setting up an automated system to deal with this soon.

5. The new system transacts in EUR and not in USD so balances will be subjected to the days's midmarket rate as published by

6. The old system is still operational, all results and winnings for pre-existing orders will be published as per normal and credited to customers old accounts.

7. Once the original site has been moved, we will have a subdomain in order to view your old accounts.


For further information please contact support:

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€190 Million draw -
Posted by Stefan Inglework on 10 August 2012 09:47 AM

Apart from:

  1. Euromillions lottery @ €190 Million
  2. Powerball game @ $212 Million

We are in the middle of a site move to our new site:

If you wish to pre-empt the move, please set up your account on the new domain name.

Good luck for the draws!

- Steff

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